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Red Lily (In the Garden Trilogy Series #3)

Red Lily - Nora Roberts Oh, Nora Roberts of the swoony heroes; you got me with Red Lily. ::: The Plot :::We first meet Hailey in the first book of the In the Garden Trilogy, Blue Dahlia, when she shows up at Roz's (the heroine of the second book in the series) house -- a distant cousin related by marriage in the way only old Southern families seem to keep track of -- pregnant, alone, and looking for work. We've known from the first book that Harper, Roz's oldest son and the one who shares her love of gardening and works with her at her garden shop, is attracted to Hailey, but until Red Lily, Hailey is occupied with being a new, single mother and adjusting to her new life working at the garden center and living in Roz's home.But as Hailey's feelings for Harper spark, so does her link to the house's resident ghost, Amelia, resulting in the creepiest of the three books, and a romance between the two that might be torn apart by the ghost herself.::: Hokey? I'll Take It :::Okay, reading that description makes it sound ridiculous, and on the surface, any ghost story, especially with a ghost who changes her M.O. as often as Amelia does, pretty much is. But where Roberts excels is in making Harper such a swoon-worthy guy you could have the entire cast of Barney singing "I love you" at a wedding and you'd barely even notice the purple dinosaur suit.Harper is that guy: willing to take on a woman with a child who isn't his; perfect even in his imperfections of a quick temper and an often clueless demeanor when it comes to dealing with women; and wanting so badly to be the chauvinist who takes care of his little woman, yet able to step back when he realizes she can take care of herself.Of the three books, as usual, I love the third one the best, because Roberts seems to always save her favorite hero for the final book of a trilogy. I may have to turn in my Girl Power card for saying it, but Harper is enough to give anyone the vapors. This book -- and really, the whole trilogy -- are a guilty pleasure you shouldn't feel all that guilty about indulging in.

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