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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.

Safe With Me (Safe with Me, #1)

Safe With Me (Safe with Me, #1) - Shaina Richmond I can't do any more. Nearly 100 pages in, this reads like a high schooler-written fanfic.The grammar is atrocious; the spelling creative, for example, using the little-known 's rule to make a plural when you aren't sure if it's an "es" or just "s" to make a word ending in "o" plural (hint: you can NEVER make a plural with an apostrophe unless it's a letter or number); and worst of all, for a "book" (it's really part of a single book the author has broken into multiple parts to milk more money out of readers) marketed as erotica, I'm left asking where the erotica is. Too much plot with uneven characters and choppy, insipid dialogue was broken by one very short sex scene that fell short of erotic.This self-pub was not ready for prime time and it shows. Life is too short to spend reading books that are driving me this nuts, and as a copy editor by trade, my fingers were itching for a red pen. That's not reading; that's work.

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