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The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl, Book 5)

The Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer I've been reading the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer as Disney-Hyperion has been making them available via NetGalley as a promotion for the release of the final book in the series this summer: The Last Guardian. The Lost Colony may be one of my favorites, as it's the point in the series where we start to see Artemis growing up and becoming more of a teenager than he may have seemed before.At the beginning of the book, Artemis is simultaneously attracted to a girl and seeking some mysterious apparition. As per usual, the two things are connected; Artemis and the girl are seeking the same thing: the appearance of a demon caught out of time. During the Fairy Wars, the demons found themselves trapped out of time. Artemis, naturally, is better at predicting the degradation of the time spell that holds the demon island in Limbo. With the help of his friend Holly Short, the sprite who's been with him through all the novels; his faithful guard, Butler; and a demon who may or may not be a warlock, Artemis tries once again to save both the fairy and human worlds. While a quickie plot summary (that tries hard not to spoil the book) may sound very much like the other books, what makes this one so different is that Artemis is fighting his hormones. He has a crush on the girl who also wanted to capture the demon, and his actions are at times distracted by his feelings. This isn't like the Artemis Fowl, precocious evil genius that we met in the first book, and it makes him a much more likable character as a result. The more human he seems, the more fun the books are. Much like the Harry Potter books, Artemis manages to change along with his audience, and while some readers will be discovering him for the first time this summer with the publicity for the last book, I think it helps to see a character age and face changes in his life rather than remain stagnant, because it keeps the series itself from becomes the same thing over and over again.

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