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Something Like Normal

Something Like Normal - Trish Doller Honestly, until I read two books: Tamara Webber's Easy and Trish Doller's Something Like Normal, I was about to give the New Adult genre a pass. Like Easy, however, Something Like Normal is a novel that straddles the age gap between young adult and "adult" fiction nicely, with a serious amount of emotional resonance besides.Travis returns home on an extended leave ordered by his commanding officer. He's lost his best friend while stationed in Afghanistan; his parents are having problems; and his brother has apparently taken over the life he left behind, from his car to his girlfriend. Travis no longer knows what is normal: He doesn't fit in back at home, but he doesn't know where he'll fit in once he returns to the military.When he meets up with Harper, a girl he's had a strained relationship since middle school, he's drawn to her, possibly because she doesn't belong anywhere in his life. The more he deals with the situations he's come home to -- and post-traumatic stress issues -- the closer he and Harper get, the more complicated their situation becomes.What's great about Doller's take on Travis and Harper's story is that she doesn't make everything line up neatly and tie with pretty bows. Travis screws things up. Harper doesn't know how to deal with him. Life is messy and complicated and hard to get through and Doller shows it with all its warts. The execution may not be perfect, but it draws you in and makes you root for the characters.

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