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When Life Gives You Lemons... At Least You Won't Get Scurvy! - Madge Madigan It's taken me ages to getting around to writing this review, mainly because I didn't know how to frame it. I'm going with Facebook status "It's complicated" for this review.I first "met" Madge Madigan on Twitter, after hearing some local buzz about When Life Gives You Lemons... At Least You Won't Get Scurvy and naturally, I wanted to read anything by a local writer.It took a little bit, but then she retweeted her daughter and I realized she had to be the ex-wife of a cousin I haven't seen in years. And I'd never met her. So with that frame of reference, I have to state that it's just a little bit odd reading about things that happened involving a cousin you knew since birth but haven't seen in probably 15 or 20 years. And obviously, it makes it just a little awkward reviewing the book.Madigan takes a brutally honest yet humorous look at life -- specifically hers as a single mother of three teens. As those of us who've been down that road know quite well, the whole Carol Brady routine doesn't exactly work out that way in real life. We're often doing the bulk of -- or in Madigan's case, all of -- the parenting, have to field questions we never thought we'd have to answer (boy things), and do all of that on what's probably a severely reduced income.Madigan's voice is likeable and very easy to read, and the essays she includes in the book are quick reads, yet make it easy to put the book down and come right back to where you were. I read it over a couple of days in small chunks, and once I got past the inherent awkwardness in knowing a lot of the players as she described her married life, found it both poignant and humorous. I relate all too well to many of her stories. If I have one quibble, I'd like to have seen more flow through the book tying the essays together. Most of them are reprinted blog posts, and while they have introductions, I'd love to see more of a continuous flow. Unlike most humor books, this one is about the reality that is a divorced single mom's life, and I found myself wanting to have more information, especially as it related to the timeline of events. That's a small quibble however, and I'd recommend this book for anyone, not just those of us who are single moms, although I think we're the ones who'll "get it" more.

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