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Back in the Habit - Alice Loweecey I have purchased Back in the Habit twice: first, the week it came out, and the second time at a book signing with the author, Alice Loweecey, after my father read and loved my first copy. As my taste in books is usually at the opposite end of the spectrum from my father's, that's probably a sign of how fun this book is.::: The Plot :::Giulia Falcone has been an assistant investigator for P.I. Frank Driscoll for only a few months, and out of the convent only a short while longer than she's been an assistant investigator. When the order she left needs help, though, she agrees to go back into the convent undercover as her former self, Sister Mary Regina Coelis, to find out whether a Novice's suicide was really a suicide, and if so, how it could possibly have happened. Giulia finds more than she bargained for in a convent full of secrets and a personal struggle with who and what she is now compared to her time in the convent.::: Mystery and Mayhem :::Loweecey has a great voice as a writer, and keeps the mystery fun and light, even when it deals with darker subject matter like corruption in the Catholic Church. Her own experiences as an ex-nun lend a reality to Giulia's predicament. While the story could have seemed completely farfetched, Loweecey wrangles an impressive cast of characters, and gives life to many bit players who may have gotten lost as cardboard cut-outs with a less deft hand. Back in the Habit is a fun follow-up to Loweecey's first book -- Force of Habit -- and the unresolved sexual tension between Giulia and her boss is a terrific subplot I hope will be resolved in future books.

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