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Easy - Tammara Webber I'm dubious about this whole New Adult thing. I like the age range. I like the situations. I don't like the self-publishing angle and the lack of editing and the (so far) craptastic plots that seem like overblown YA and the excuse to have ridiculous sex and make me want to slap half the characters, if not all of them.Still, I picked up Tammara Webber's Easy when it was $0.99 figuring it couldn't hurt. Of the books I've read in this quasi-genre so far, this is by far the best of the bunch. Jacqueline Wallace followed her high school boyfriend to college even though she's a talented musician. Seven weeks into her sophomore year, she finds herself dumped, the victim of an attempted rape, and pretty much friendless except for her roommate. Once she picks herself up after the break-up, she starts to make her life over, finding herself attracted to both a bad boy in her economics class as well as the tutor for the same class she's spoken with only by email. Both the tutor and the bad boy have a secret, though, and the fraternity brother who attempted to rape her turns into a stalker. Jacqueline has to learn to stand up for herself in several different ways, making a few missteps along the way.Overall, Easy has several similarities to both Slammed and Beautiful Disaster. Luckily, it takes only the good parts of both and leaves the rest behind (especially in the case of the awful Beautiful Disaster). The characters were engaging, and felt true to the confusion of the age: caught between being teens and being full-fledged adults with everything that comes along with it. While parts of the book are definitely very difficult to read due to subject matter (and the misspelling of Juilliard for a serious music student who wanted to apply there was downright unforgivable to this copy editor), Easy is so far, the best of the New Adult bunch.

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