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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
The Enchanted Truth - Kym Petrie Kym Petrie's The Enchanted Truth was offered through NetGalley, and as a currently single woman, I succumbed to one of those moments of "Oh, it's a feel-good book about not needing to be with someone" and decided to review it.On the surface, it's a sort of children's book, only for grown-ups. It tells the story of a princess who's looking for a prince, but keeps ending up with losers until a fairy godmother gives her this stuffed frog and tells her to add a list to the frog of all the things she wants in a man. Spoiler: by the end of the book, the frog does not turn into a prince, and the princess realizes she needed to love herself more the whole time.I can see this being one of those books you pick up at the card shop along with a "cheer up" card on your way to the wine shop before you stop by your friend's house with a few pints of ice cream and a few bottles of wine for some tea and sympathy after a break-up. No new ground is broken here, and it's not a particularly inventive way of saying the same thing everyone ostensibly already knows.

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