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Christmas Cash - Maggie Casper I'm always leery of buying these little Quickies because they are so scattershot in terms of quality. Sometimes you get a great short story and sometimes, as is the case with Maggie Casper's Christmas Cash, you get a dud. I picked this one up as a freebie, and a so happy I did. The Plot: Noelle (see the Christmas theme here?) has moved back home to Chaos, Texas and needs a job. Cash, her best friend's older brother (his whole family has C-names, and I didn't bother to learn any of the rest of them as it got very confusing in only 54 pages) refuses to let her work at his bar (or whatever the place is; it's never actually defined exactly), so she starts off as a bell-ringer dressed as a sexy Mrs. Santa across from where he lives and works.Which is strange, because the Salvation Army bell ringers here are all volunteer. Are they NOT in Texas?At any rate, she continues to annoy him, he continues to ramp up his handsy moves -- because he just can't resist her, you know -- and she finally takes a job at a Hooters-like bar that's competition for whatever his family-owned business is.Well, he can't have that. So he has to sex her up properly. And because this is labeled BDSM, he spanks her. To be honest, in this current culture, a simple spanking is a little tame to be labeled as BDSM in my book, but to each their own. Keeping in mind that this is a 54-page short story that begins with Cash turning her down for a job and a ramping up of their sexual escapades, how would you expect this to end? Yes, folks, that's right. WITH A PROPOSALOnce I scraped my exploded head off the walls, I gave it two stars for the promised sex, zero stars for plot and character, and called it a day. It was a decent freebie if you are just looking for some sex scenes, but I would have been disappointed had I paid for it; there wasn't really much story to it at all.

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