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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Storm - Brigid Kemmerer I'm the first to admit that when it comes to stories about witchy things associated with the elements, I have issues. Major issues.Of the addictive variety. Still, I didn't hold out a lot of hope for Brigid Kemmerer's Storm. It sounded a little hokey: four brothers, four elements, la la la. The set-up is a little bit fanfic: Becca Chandler is a little bit country and a little bit Mary Sue (points if you're old enough to get the reference). She saves Chris Merrick when he's being beaten up one night in an alley (because don't all girls rush into an alley when two guys are beating up another guy?) and gets drawn into his world of weird, eventually learning that he can kind of sort of control water and somehow she's involved and so is this other guy, a Hunter who's also paying a lot of attention to her even though she's nothing special.Like I said: a little bit Mary Sue.Still, a house full of parentless bad boys wrangling the elements will have me ignoring Mary Sue at her most guileless, and the story is familiar enough to those who like this sort of thing (like me) yet unique enough that you won't feel as if you've read it a hundred times before (which, all told, I just well may have). Switching out the brothers keeps the romance angle fresh while moving the plot along; nothing gets more tired than some of these series where the romance stretches out too long and you hit the dreaded saggy middle. I actually find myself looking forward to the rest of this series instead of dreading what it has in store.

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