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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Crux - Moira Rogers Moira Rogers' Crux was one of those books I picked up on a whim: offered for free, first in a series, urban fantasy/romance, which is a genre I liked. I didn't have a lot invested in it, and while it was a decent read, it didn't reach my all-time favorites list. Mackenzie Brooks is on the run from a crazy ex-boyfriend who told her she was destined to bear his child, which would save a race. She ends up in New Orleans working at a bar, where the owner is friends with Jackson Holt, a PI with paranormal leanings: He's a spellcaster. Mackenzie has to come to the realization that magic is real (and the paranormal is all around her) when Jackson looks into her past and finds out her ex-boyfriend knew more about her past than she did.I said Crux was a decent read, and by that, I mean the romance was fairly believable, and the action kept moving. There are some cute nods to previous paranormal and urban fantasy lore, and the cast of characters is varied.The reason it makes my "meh" list is that it felt a lot like reading a fanfic. Mackenzie is a total Mary Sue: unaware of her extra-special past, capable of amazing things, everyone thinks she's incredible but she's totally clueless, etc. The trope of binding someone with amazing and unique special powers is getting overused (at least three books I've read in the past year in the PNR/UF genres) and Mackenzie's stumbling entry to the world of magic is complete Mary Sue. A strong heroine she's not, and that's disappointing. I prefer a book where the princess saves herself and slays the dragon rather than needing a man (or men) to show her the way to her "inner strength."

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