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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Dream Bound: Dreams of Pure Pleasure - Kate Douglas Either I'm getting too old to be reviewing erotica or there is such a thing as too much sex in a book.Kate Douglas' Dream Bound has too much sex. There. I said it. The premise is that a forty-something-year-old man, Mac Dugan, made contact with an alien race twenty years ago through the power of his sexual fantasies. During a four-month stint in which the alien returned to him nightly, Dugan begins plans to save the alien's race from the other alien race that imprisons it on a spaceship on the dark side of the moon.By recruiting six super-smart and telepathically gifted people, he builds a team twenty years after his contact to help give these aliens human bodies and help them escape. The team members do this by sharing their sexual fantasies in a remote compound Mac has built.In the midst of these sexual fantasies, every. single. encounter. is at least a menage a trois or more. It's becoming the new missionary position in erotica, but when every sex scene is pretty much the same, it gets old, and I found myself skimming over the sex scenes. Which were plentiful with six nubile team members, in addition to Mac. The only non-menage sex that I can remember was an initial encounter in the first few pages of the book. If variety is the spice of erotica, Dream Bound was as bland as baby cereal.The worst part? You don't get an ending. To find out what happens, you need to read the next book, coming out in November. This is a first book in a duology (if you don't count the short story that kicked it off, which appeared in an anthology) that doesn't stand on its own.

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