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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Castles - Julie Garwood I just bought Julie Garwood's Castles for a penny, having the feeling I'd probably already read it at some point. Sure enough, it's the fourth and final book in Garwood's Crown Spies series, featuring a princess of some fictional country, Alesandra, and the partially handicapped hero Colin who we'd met earlier in the series. Colin was injured in a shark attack serving as a spy for his country, and is now working on building his shipping business. When Princess Alesandra comes to England as his father's ward, a series of events set off by Alesandar, a sort of Calamity Jane herself, lands her in Colin's guardianship. Naturally, they fall in love, even as she's in danger from a general from her former country trying to kidnap and marry her. Complicating things is a subplot involving a serial killer and some missing women, the first of whom was a sort of pen pal of Alesandra's.Naturally, Colin and Alesandra fall in love, and what Garwood lacks in historical detail in this book, she makes up for in adorable banter and stereotypical-yet-cutesy possessive alpha male. There are no massively high stakes here, and most crises resolve a bit too quickly, but Castles is a light, fun read to end the series.

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