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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Immortal Beloved - Cate Tiernan Annoying first books are annoying, and Cate Tiernan's Immortal Beloved is no exception, excellent premise aside. We are introduced to Nastasya, a centuries-old immortal who has spent more of her years partying and doing nothing of relevance until she suddenly takes a look around her and realizes she's hanging out with a group of people who don't care about anything but themselves. She takes herself off to an "immortal rehab" of sorts where she's forced to confront her past as well as her present by doing such things as menial work for minimum wage and washing dishes and working the rehab's organic farm. She's simultaneously attracted to and repelled by a fellow rehab resident who may or may not have something to do with her past.Tiernan tells the story in flashbacks between the past and present, but odds are you'll connect the dots to Nastasya's fellow rehabber far more quickly than Tiernan's plot does. The will-they-won't-they romance feels forced and not at all authentic; there's nothing more between these two than a described attraction and repulsion -- no talks, no falling for each other, nothing to show why they would get together at any point other than they are attractive and we are told they may or may not. Add in that this is the first of a series, and you can guess that the book is a mere set-up for the next book so nothing between these two is even slightly resolved. It's a frustrating read that's designed to get you to read the next book, but left me unwilling to do so in the slightest. I simply didn't care enough about the characters to want to know what happens next.

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