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Darkhouse - Karina Halle I generally do not read self-published books, because I go insane when I find errors that should have been caught by an editor. However, I gave Karina Halle's Darkhouse a chance after reading positive comments in a comment thread elsewhere on Goodreads. Does it have a multitude of editing errors? Yes. Is it worth reading anyway? Yes.Perry Palomino is a 22-year-old receptionist without a lot of direction in her life. On a visit to her uncle's house, she stumbles onto Dex Foray, a mysterious stranger who claims an affiliation with an online web network starting a ghost hunting show. Strange things are happening to Perry, and they all seem to relate to the creepy abandoned lighthouse on her uncle's property, as well as Dex, who runs hot and cold.The ghost portions of the story were creepy enough that I wanted to sleep with the light on, and the chemistry between Perry and Dex is great; it's easy to sense Perry's confusion as Dex seems to have layers of secrets he's keeping from her -- and a possible attraction to her as well.Halle sets up the beginning of a series without leaving the end of a book as a giant cliffhanger: something that's increasingly annoying in this age of trilogy-plus plots. I'd be far happier if Halle invested in a professional editor, as misused words and grammar errors were distracting, but I'll still look for the next book in the series.

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