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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Eon  - Alison Goodman My daughter was the one who introduced me to Alison Goodman's Eon, a novel set in an imaginary feudal-era Asian world reminiscent of Cindy Pon's world. Eon is training to be a hopeful Dragoneye, a sort of wizard who can use the power of the dragon of his birth year. But Eon has a secret: She's actually a girl, and she's her master's last chance at training a potential Dragoneye. Eon's testing doesn't go quite as expected, and she's soon dragged into the very political (and dangerous) court, where there are layers of intrigue and plots to overtake the throne, currently held by the elderly and ill Emperor. Eon has more lessons to learn than simply harnessing the magic, as she learns during the course of the book.Eon is a duology, but this book can stan on its own. It ranks among my daughter's favorites, and was definitely one I could not put down. Eon/a is a fantasy heroine most books can only envy, and her real lesson is about being true to herself, even when that seems like it's the opposite of what she should be doing. While readers may guess the twist in advance, it's still a stunning one, and the book is well worth the read.

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