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Geekomancy - Michael R. Underwood I don't have to imagine being a twenty-something nerd working as a barista with a serious addiction to sci-fi and other forms of geekdom, because I was one. But Michael R. Underwood's Geekomancy takes my former pathetic existence to a whole new level: Imagine all that geek trivia you have stored in your brain -- you know, the brain that can provide you with minute trivia from the reboot of Battlestar Galactica but has you misplacing your car keys regularly -- could turn you into a superhero of sorts simply by rewatching your favorite TV shows or movies. But imagine that along with it, you realize all the baddies from the sources of your geek wisdom are also real.That's the premise of Geekomancy, and I'm willing to bet geeks from old to new will find something to love about the fast-patter, geek-cred name dropping throughout this urban fantasy. Whether it's classic video games, modern sci-fi, or old d20 games, there's something for every kind of nerd under the sun in here, and at times, I wanted to click through on Kindle to look things up I had forgotten. I'm sure that would create a wormhole of doom, however.Underwood's heroine, barista Ree, finds herself drawn into this world as an apprentice of sorts to Geekomancer Eastwood. He begins to teach her the tricks of the trade, but Ree finds things may not always be as they seem, and there are gray areas to every hero, as well as every villain.The story itself is a bit weak and the plot too predictable for hardcore urban fantasy fans who may have cut their teeth on Harry Dresden, but being awash in geek culture for the duration makes up for it. Several of my fellow geeky friends are going to be getting this book recommended to them, and it's a steal at the introductory price for Kindle of $1.99.

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