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White Witch - Trish Milburn I picked up Trish Milburn's White Witch through NetGalley because it has an intriguing premise: all the witches with real power who are left in the world are witches with dark power, which they took from the world after the witch hunts that culminated in the 17th century, and they have been bent on revenge ever since. The heroine of White Witch, Jax, doesn't agree with what the dark covens do, even though she's a witch with power, and has been raised to believe that revenge for what happened during the hunts was right. She flees, and wants to live a normal life, which she believes she can do if she can not use her magic. She quickly draws attention at her new school due to her unnatural beauty, though, but manages to make at least a couple of friends.Unfortunately, she soon drags those new friends into danger when she discovers the guy she's interested in is a "supernatural hunter" and there's more to her new town than she'd anticipated. The premise is great here, in that for once, witches are bad guys virtually across the board. The book itself, however, is a bit odd. It skews almost to a middle-grade book in length, reading level, and content (nothing beyond kissing for the lovebirds in this book), but then there are pop culture anomalies, such as Jax's friend Toni's obsession with Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which went off the air in 2003, when Toni would have been around seven years old. It simply doesn't have a very "teen" sensibility about it. Added in with the short length, it feels like the book might have been written as one long work and then chopped at a certain point simply to break it into more than one book.Still, it was different enough to send me back to the book's sequel, Bane, to find out what happens next, even if the ending seemed all too abrupt.

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