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In Her Sights (A Montgomery Justice Novel) - Robin Perini Robin Perini's In Her Sights has a great premise: female heroine is a sniper for a SWAT team. Her ex (and brother of one of her fellow SWAT team members) is an investigative reporter looking into possible corruption in the police department she works for. Add in a slightly trope-y bad childhood for our girl, Jazz (Jasmine when she's in the arms of her man, natch) Parker that she'd prefer to keep hidden and you have all the ingredients for a thrill-packed romantic suspense novel.One would hope. Unfortunately, Perini relies too much on the plot here and not enough on her characters. From the first time Jasmine and her ex, former Army Ranger turned investigative reporter Luke Montgomery, we are told she can't think of anything else but touching him. This happens when she's angry with him for singling her out for a newspaper feature after killing a kidnapper in a hostage situation (in a front page feature), when they are both upset about his brother being injured in the line of duty, etc. In other words, all the time. It's like the reader is told so often how much they are attracted to each other and how their relationship really isn't over for either one of them that it MUST be true.Right?Unfortunately, the characters aren't given enough room with all this lusting all the time to develop past that. I get that Jasmine loves Luke's family, but not why she loves him, because there's never really any development of the characters. The plot itself is enough to keep the story moving, but I didn't really care enough about the characters to worry about how it ended for them; in fact, I had to double-check on their names to write the review.

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