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I Only Have Eyes for You (The Sullivans, #4) - Bella Andre Bella Andre has a new book in her Sullivans series coming out this summer, and whether I Only Have Eyes for You was offered free for anyone to read through both NetGalley and Goodreads to promote the upcoming book or to prove her erotica isn't as purple as the Internet hoax that went around earlier this year, I'm not quiet sure. I grabbed this erotic romance as a quick, fun read, and to check out what all the fuss about Ms. Andre was about. The plot is basic: Sophie Sullivan, one of the two youngest Sullivans, has been in love with her brother's friend Jake practically her whole life. She thinks Jake doesn't know she's alive. Jake, on the other hand, is a Bad Boy (TM) and doesn't think he's good enough for Sophie. I'm sure category romance readers won't be shocked to know that Jake is also in love with Sophie, just afraid to tell her because she "deserves" someone better. Their one night of headboard-bashing action after her older brother's wedding results in -- wait for it -- an unexpected pregnancy. Jake asks Sophie to give him seven days to prove she should marry him.Tropes: unearned angst, failed condoms resulting in unexpected pregnancies, big brothers wanting to beat up their friend for defiling their baby sister, Bad Boy with Nice girl (to the point where the family NAMED HER NICE. I can't make this up. She's Nice. Her twin is Naughty. I wanted to hire a therapist for characters IN A BOOK.)The ultimate secret that Jake is hiding from Sophie is nearly laughable, but not so much as some of the erotic scenes, which, while not nearly as bad as the hoax, aren't exactly something I'd personally find titillating. An example from my status updates: "Sophie threw her head back and held onto him like she was going for rodeo queen and he was the prized bull that was going to clinch her the title." I'm not sure about you, but a rodeo is not something I really want to be picturing during lovemaking. Add in Sophie's unexpected climaxes (three in the first two love scenes) and I was convinced the girl had no idea what she was doing in the sack.This was a light, fun read -- suitable for beach reading -- but I found it hard to take seriously as erotica of any sort.

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