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Dead Is the New Black - Marlene Perez I'm addicted to the Amazon Kindle Deal of the Day, checking religiously for bargain-priced Kindle books. Recently, Marlene Perez's Dead Is the New Black was $0.99, so I downloaded a copy to try out one more vampire series.::: The Plot :::Daisy Giordano isn't exactly in the in crowd. For starters, the in crowd consists of cheerleaders, and her best friend, Ryan Mendez, has a crush on the most popular of them all, Samantha "the Divine" Devereaux. So when Samantha shows up for school in September after cheerleading camp towing a coffin behind her, suddenly, Dead Is the New Black. Until cheerleaders start dropping like flies, though, and Daisy finds herself not only on the cheer squad, but trying to solve the mystery of what's happening with girls turning up dead in the morgue and then suddenly disappearing from the morgue, as well as the cheerleaders falling deathly ill.Daisy works along with her two psychically-enabled sisters, Poppy and Rose, to help find the answers. If she somehow attracts the attention of the dreamy Ryan along the way, that's a bonus.::: Fluffy Fun :::Dead Is the New Black is a fast read, and more fun than most of the other vampire books out there. It's good, clean fun -- appropriate for younger teens and tweens who may not be ready for some of the more sexually charged paranormal stories out there, and the characters are interesting, if not terribly complex.Daisy has the typical role of unsure sort-of outcast, both in her family, where she's the only "normal" (or so it seems), as well as at school, where she thinks she has no chance at the guy of her dreams, especialy when he's nurtured a crush on her former best friend, Samantha.If you are looking for a quick, fun read for you or your younger teen, Dead Is the New Black fits the bill.This review originally appeared on Yes

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