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The Boy Who Howled - Timothy Power I'm always on the lookout for books with boy protagonists that my own middle grade boys will read, and when Sassa tore through Timothy Power's The Boy Who Howled without taking a break to go back to his Star Wars books, I figured I'd better see what had him so riveted.::: The Plot :::The Boy Who Howled is a middle-grade romp that appears to be based on the cliche "He'd have been better off being raised by wolves." Callum is, indeed, raised by wolves after his parents leave him behind on a camping trip. Try as he might, however, he never quite fits in with the wolves, and his wolf mother determines it's time for him to leave the pack, sending Callum into the city to find his way in the human world.Callum gets into all sorts of adventures as he stumbles his way about, and like most middle-grade novels, reality is suspended for a while for him to have his fun.::: This Isn't Tarzan :::Power gives Callum an adorable personality, that has you rooting for him even when he does things that make you want to scream, like when he befriends a bully because he thinks the bully is the "alpha" of the pack. Callum is quick on his feet and agreeable with whatever the people he meet come up with. Parents will see his reunion with his birth family coming from a mile away, but for kids, the little bit of mystery keeps them reading, as I found with my older son, who loved seeing what Callum would get into next and how he'd end up in the end.The Boy Who Howled is a great read, especially if you are looking for books for this age group with boys as the main character.

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