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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
The Warrior Heir - Cinda Williams Chima Cinda Williams Chima is one of my daughter's favorite authors, and this series is one of her favorites as well. She has spoken so highly of it that I wanted to love The Warrior Heir. I really did. We've purchased it as a gift for friends. It came highly recommended by our pediadontist, who also reads a lot of YA and middle-grade fantasy. But I just didn't.The Warrior Heir is ostensibly the story of Jack, an ordinary high-schooler, or so he thinks. In Harry-Potter fashion, he discovers one day when he doesn't take his "heart medication" that he is actually something other. He was born a wizard, only he was saved by the implantation of a warrior "stone" as part of a very complicated, centuries-long battle: that of the War of the Roses. The battle between the house of the Red Rose and that of the White Rose has been gone on for ages, and Jack is apparently caught in the middle, unbeknownst to his non-magical (Anaweir, but you can just call her Muggle) mother. The intended audience is obviously Young Adult, but I had the majority of the book figured out before I was much more than a third of the way through due to the prologue (and this is probably why so many writing guides tell you not to use prologues). From that moment, I was reading just to get to the end, nodding the whole way through. Still, my daughter read this book at nine, and if you have a middle-grader who doesn't mind a bit of romance mixed in with some good, old-fashioned medieval-esque fighting with swordplay and wizards and warriors, it's probably a great book. For me, it was just too simple a plot to keep me engaged.

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