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While I'm Falling - Laura Moriarty I seem to be on a run of divorce stories lately (coincidence), which is how I ended up with Laura Moriarty's While I'm Falling in my recent library binge. This book cheered me up, but not in the way I'd hoped.::: The Plot :::Veronica is the younger daughter of two typical middle class parents. Dad is a lawyer. Mom is a sometimes substitute teacher. Her older sister is already a lawyer just like dear old dad, and Veronica wants to make her own way in the world, starting with her major, pre-med.When her sister calls to tell her that their father came home from a conference to find the roofer asleep in his bed, with a note from Veronica's mother telling roofer-boyfriend how beautiful, all hell breaks loose. Dad files for divorce. Veronica is struggling with organic chemistry. And a house-sitting gig goes horribly awry when Veronica throws a party and gets into an accident with the homeowner's car.To complicate things even further, there's an "Adonis" in her dorm who seems to share a mutual attraction, and her resident advisor gig is cutting into time with her grad-school boyfriend Tim. Oh, and then her mother has sort of a breakdown and shows up at Vernoica's dorm room with their ancient (and ill) dog with no place else to go.::: My Head Aches from Being Hit over the Head :::If you can't tell where the ending is going 60 pages into While I"m Falling, you must be reading in your sleep. Of course Veronica is going to get herself into a world of trouble with the housesitting gig. You couldn't figure that out by how insane and anal-retentive the homeowner was when giving her instructions? Of course she's going to cheat on her boyfriend with the dorm golden boy just like dear old mom. Otherwise, why is he even there?In the newish trend of "New Adult" fiction that's trying to bridge the gap between YA and adult fiction, While I'm Falling hits every possible cliche that it can. One of the parents has to fall apart at the seams, leaving the confused, barely-adult child as caretaker, losing their own way in the process.Reading this hot on the heels of The Visibles makes the contrast staggering; there's nothing unique or different or particularly interesting about While I'm Falling. It's a novel with a predictable story that bashes you over the head with what's coming next at least 150 pages before it happens, leaving nothing to your imagination or even surprise.This review originally published on Epinions:

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