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You Suck: A Love Story (Vampire Trilogy, #2) - Christopher Moore In a quest to ensure I've read every vampire series ever written, I started on Christopher Moore's series, beginning with Bloodsucking Fiends, an amusing story that did better at adhering to vampire canon than Stephenie Meyer did, but infusing it with less of the dark themes and more of a Janet Evanovich take on the mythological monsters. The follow-up, You Suck: A Love Story, falls a bit flat as sequels go.::: Plot :::As You Suck: A Love Story begins, our heroine, Jody, the fledgling vampire we met in Bloodsucking Fiends, has turned her human minion (and boyfriend), the aspiring writer C. Thomas Flood, into a vampire. Concerned that she was going to leave him for her sire, the 800-year-old Elijah, he had both her and her sire bronzed (and ostensibly trapped), but she escaped when he drilled holes for her ears and turned him.In the madcap plot spun out from the previous novel, Jody and Tommy must find a human minion to help them during the day. Tommy chooses the vampire-obsessed Goth girl Abby, and he and Jody pay a homeless person with a huge cat in alcohol to be their regular snack food. Of course, it's not as simple as that, since Tommy's former grocery store co-workers went to Vegas with money they got from fencing artwork belonging to Elijah, and came home with a blue-dyed prostitute who wants to be a vampire herself.You Suck: A Love Story has Jody and Tommy running from the ancient and powerful Elijah, two cops who'd planned on retiring with their proceeds from the sale of the art given to them in order to keep the whole killing-a-vampire thing quiet, and the formerly blue hooker who wants eternal life, as well as the money she'd bilked out of Tommy's co-workers in return for sexual services.::: I Just Don't Give a Fang :::The plot of You Suck: A Love Story is entertaining enough. Told in multiple points-of-view, including Abby's journal writings, there's plenty of plot here to carry the reader through the 300-and-some-odd pages. The problem? You never care much about what happens to any of the characters.Two books into a series, I'm still not completely convinced that the allegedly main characters are even in love. There is so much action and running around and such a large cast of characters that not enough time is ever spent with Jody and Tommy to convince me that they really want to be together forever.Moore could probably make up for the lack of empathy for the characters with the action in this novel, but even that is diluted. Most of the action is described via Abby's journal entries, and her colloquial writing skips over most of the blow-by-blow with "blah-blahs" and the like, dulling the action (and keeping the author from having to explain most of the vampire-canon science in much detail). Everything, from the interpersonal connections to the wannabe-madcap plot, feels like it's being strained through cheesecloth before it ever gets to the reader.As a fluffy summer read (or one that doesn't require much thinking when on painkillers after surgery), You Suck: A Love Story is okay, but as vampire novels go, it doesn't even rank in my top twenty.This review was previously published on Epinions:

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