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Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Even though I promised myself I'd read something more intellectually stimulating after reading J.R. Ward's Dark Lover, I found myself reaching back into the box of books loaned by a friend to grab the second book in the series: Lover Eternal. God help us all if I read all of these suckers straight through.::: The Plot :::In Dark Lover, the reader was introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB), a warrior class of vampires charged with protecting the rest of their race from slayers known as lessers. Lover Eternal tells the story of Rhage, a Hollywood-handsome vampire (that's even his nickname... Hollywood) who harbors a dark secret: cursed by the goddess who controls them, he turns into a gigantic, murderous beast whenever he's particularly upset.In the course of his work as protector of vampires, he meets human Beth, a cancer survivor he's inexplicably drawn to. Unfortunately for him, he's supposed to wipe the memory of any human who learns about vampires, and he's definitely not supposed to take them to dinner or bring them back to the fortress-like mansion he shares with his BDB brothers.::: Really, You Know How It Ends :::The BDB novels are pure vampire romance, so you know there's going to be a happy ending for each couple at the end of the book. Because of that fact, a lot of the suspense is missing here; for instance, you know that Rhage's beast form isn't going to kill Beth at any point.The plot from Dark Lover is continued here, with stories of the lessers interspersed with the vampires' plot line, and Ward also uses a decent portion of this book to set up the next one in the series. However, Rhage is a believably sympathetic character you'll still find yourself rooting for, and the cheese-laden ending may be highly caloric, but it's as comforting as a big piece of pizza.At nearly 500 pages, Ward really has a lot going on (including the set-up for the next book), but at least the couple featured in this book have more time to fall in love to make you want that happily ever after for them.P.S. Yes, I've already started Lover Awakened. I need to be shot.This review was originally published on Epinions:

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