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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward I've now been reading J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series for what seems like eons. Friends promised me that it was worth it to get to Lover Avenged, the seventh book in the series, and I dutifully read through six waiting to get to this book.::: The Plot :::Rehvenge, also known as The Reverend, is a vampire with his hand in a lot of different pies. He has a couple of clubs, a restaurant, and a few very profitable side businesses: prostitution, drugs, and gambling. Being half-symphath means that he has to worry about both the police and vampires finding out his true heritage, because symphaths are banished to a colony and kept away from vampire society. Luckily, being a symphath means that he can mess with the minds of the police to keep them from discovering all his illegal dealings.What most people don't realize is that Rehv is forced into his life of crime; he's being blackmailed by a symphath princess, who threatens to reveal his nature and get him banished. In turn, he pays her a tithe of both money and sex to keep her from revealing his background as well as that of his best friend and partner, Xhex.As Rehv struggles with the ever-increasing physical danger from the princess, his attraction for vampire nurse Elhena becomes even more of a distraction and he has to decide whether to let her go or reveal the truth about who he is.::: :::If there's one thing I love in a fluffy romance novel, it's a conflicted guy with a horrible secret who wants to clean up his act for the woman that he loves. Rehv is exactly that guy; he's the bad boy Edward Cullen. His meetings with the princess are meant to protect not only himself, but Xhex and his sister and mother. His sister, Bella, married to the Brother Zsadist, has no idea that Rehv is even half-symphath, much less all the horrible things he's done to protect the family, and his mother likes to pretend it all never happened.J.R. Ward also manages to wrangle her plot lines better in Lover Avenged than she did in the previous novel. We still see some of the other issues that began in previous books, but Rehv and Elhena are the focus of the book, along with the continuing war with the lessers, soulless humans out to eradicate the vampire race. Side-plots, like the obvious sexual tension between Brotherhood whard John Matthew and Xhex, and between the two former trainees Blay and Qhuinn, are just enough to keep you interested in the books that come next without losing the main plot.It may have taken seven books to get to this point, but Ward has finally written a vampire romance novel I might want to read over again.This review originally published on Epinions:

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