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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Ten Thousand Saints - Eleanor Henderson The promise of Ten Thousand Saints was huge to me: a period piece that dealt with Straight Edge, a culture I've been curious about for ages (though not enough to actually try it).The set-up is perfect; two kids getting high on anything that holds still long enough, and one ends up dead. Jude has to make sense of his life after his friend dies, and he gets involved with Straight Edge as a result. It's a morality tale without getting too moral, and a way to show how someone who once fed his addictions with substance abuse switches that same personality to a life where he eschews everything he once did.Had the book stuck to this story, it could have been brilliant. However, it involves several messy subplots with hippie parents coming to grips with things and a teen pregnancy that complicates things even further, and makes the story less about Jude and more about everything BUT Jude, and his story gets lost in the muddle.

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