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Seven Years to Sin - Sylvia Day Sylvia Day is an author getting quite a bit of press in the wake of the erotica explosion, so I was glad of the opportunity to review one of her historical romance books via NetGalley.In Seven Years to Sin, Lady Jessica is engaged to be married. She notices the bad boy Alistair Caufield, as does her younger sister, and on the eve before her wedding, catches him in flagrante delicto with a married woman. She finds herself sexually attracted to him, but marries her fiance anyway.Seven years later, she finds herself widowed and the owner of a Jamaican plantation thanks to her late husband. Caufield arranges to be on the ship she sails on, and the two finally consummate an affair that's been seven years in the lusting.I enjoyed the book, but couldn't bring myself to rate it higher than three stars, mainly because Day skimped on the story arc. A great deal of time is spent on the journey to Jamaica and the consummation of the affair (and the accompanying sex scenes). The real issues would only begin for these two once they had to re-enter the straight-laced society they were both part of, and that section of the book is so short and resolved so quickly and easily it seemed like it was written as an afterthought.Had the story been more balanced between the "outside society" world of the ship and the return to society, I'd likely have given it a higher rating.

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