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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Getaway - Lisa Brackmann Michelle Mason is a recent widow, left in debt by her late husband, and in Puerto Vallarta via an already-paid-for vacation she was supposed to have taken with her late husband in Lisa Brackmann's Getaway. A one-night stand with a handsome stranger involves her in a giant mess, including a brief stint in jail, and she ends up sans passport and spying on the man she slept with as part of forced employment by a man who threatens her life yet pays off her credit card bills.Getaway is the story of a vacation gone terribly wrong, and like her debut novel, Rock Paper Tiger, Brackmann keeps the action moving. Michelle goes from bad idea to bad idea, not knowing which man is the bad guy, and getting herself involved deeper involved with each move she makes. Other reviewers have mentioned that Michelle is unsympathetic, and for fans of Rock Paper Tiger, comparing Brackmann's two heroines leaves Michelle definitely on the frustrating end of the equation. Every time she has a seemingly good idea, she second-guesses herself and takes the wrong path, resulting in more problems. I was incredibly frustrated with her decisions, but they were true to the character: a trophy wife who'd let her late husband make all the decisions while she turned the other way and didn't pay attention. Left on her own to get herself out of trouble, she lacks the skills and thought processes to get herself out.It's a different sort of book entirely than Rock Paper Tiger, but a page-turner in its own right.

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