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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Listen to Your Heart - Fern Michaels Fern Michaels has been a bestselling romance author for decades, and I hadn't read a single one of her books. With Listen to Your Heart, I can now say I have read one of her books. I don't expect that number to increase any time soon.Listen to Your Heart is set in a pre-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, which Michaels insists on calling N'Awlins for at least the first half of the book, in case you don't understand that people from Louisiana have an accent. (NOTE MY BLANK AND POINTED STARE). She introduces twins Josie and Kitty who are running their parents' catering business, by having a potential client attacked by Josie's dog. The stilted dialogue of this meeting should have been a warning to me, but I soldiered on; Michaels is fond of short, declarative sentences in huge, rambling chunks that would have even a native New Yorker hard-pressed to repeat aloud without fainting for lack of oxygen.Naturally, as this is a romance novel, Josie is attracted to the potential client, as shown by her insta-hate, which is actually insta-love. After their dogs have several more madcap meetings, the two finally have a date where we realize that the insta-hate is in fact, insta-love, which is a good thing, because it's the last date for quite some time. In between Date One and Date Two, Paul is mugged in NYC (of course, because Central Park during the day even in 2000 was a thug-filled crime epicenter), can't call anyone for two weeks (the nurses do it for him because... nurses have time to make phone calls for patients? The hell?), and then finally returns home, shows up three hours late for Date Two, and proposes.I can tell you, were this to happen in my real life, Paul would not see the light of day. However, Michaels believes this is twu wuv and you can guess what happens next.Of course, there's more to this: a convoluted plot involving one of the wealthy members of "N'Awlins" society that you can see the resolution to coming from ten miles away, with Michaels practically shouting it with a bullhorn. Even that sub-plot has several plot holes and a quick happy ending tie-up that had me rolling my eyes.The prose itself is readable, and I bumped it up a half-star simply because I managed to get through the whole thing without flouncing, which was dicey at times. Several times. Many several times. Romance has come a long way in the past 12 years, and anyone who doubts it should read this book. Make note of the mango use. You'll thank me later.

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