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Love Me (Take Me, #2)

Love Me (Take Me, #2) - Bella Andre I keep hoping I'll read a Bella Andre book and discover what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, Love Me (Take Me, #2) was not that book.Janica is... sexually adventurous. Just as she's deciding whether or not to follow through on the menage a trois she's set up for herself, Luke, her sister's brother-in-law shows up at her front door. In unearned-angst-romance fashion, the two have been in love with each other forever -- at least since her sister married his twin brother -- but have neither admitted it to themselves or each other. After a very hot one-night stand, Luke abandons Janica, but she soon discovers he's been given an involuntary month off from work due to burnout, and she finds him at the beach, where they find they may have more to offer than one night. Can they have more than this quickie affair? Duh; it's a romance novel.My complaints about the book have nothing to do with the typical romance tropes and everything to do with the writing itself. Andre needs a decent editor, and she needs that editor stat; words are repeated often (and not for effect), making the reader feel like the writing has a Dr. Seuss rhythm to it. The angst is also provided here by a simple failure to communicate, making the story feel like it's dragging out far longer than it has to, and turning the hero into somewhat of an unlikeable character. He can't admit he's in love with the heroine why again?In the end, I'm still left wondering why so many readers love Andre's books. This is still a free download at Amazon, and I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

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