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Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate - There are two books I have read in more than one language, and one was Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate (en español, Como agua para chocolate). The reason? The imagery was so rich that, even with my schoolgirl Spanish, I wanted to read it in the original, to imagine how much more powerful the story was without the possibility of being diluted in translation.Like Water for Chocolate is Tita's story, a girl who is the youngest of three sisters. As the youngest, she is bound by tradition to remain unmarried and care for her mother, even though she loves Pedro. Forced into a life of near slavery for her cruel mother, Tita must watch Pedro marry her older sister, Rosaura. The only way she has to express her feelings is with her cooking, and her emotions overtake the food and affect those who eat it, including a very funny scene (wonderfully recreated in the movie version) in which Tita serves food she was making when thinking lustful thoughts about Pedro and incites a near riot.The food (and the love story) are sensuous -- definitely don't try to read this book hungry -- and Esquivel's story of love thwarted for decades is one I read again and again.

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