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First Kill (The Slayer Chronicles Series #1)

First Kill - Heather Brewer In Heather Brewer's Vladimir Todd books, we were introduced to the vampire slayer (and sometime friend of vampire Vlad) Joss Macmillan. In this first book of a new series, First Kill, Brewer tells Joss' story: his complete history, including how he was chosen to become a slayer and how he was trained.The book begins with motivation: Joss' younger sister was killed by a vampire, and when his uncle Abraham is told to train Joss, he doesn't seem happy with the Slayer Society. He believes Joss has too much empathy. Still, he tells Joss to begin to ready himself for training when he turns 18. At 13, however, Joss is summoned to begin his training early, because the Slayer Society has need of new slayers and he is the next oldest in line. He faces a harsh summer at the hands of his uncle and the rest of his uncle's group, but he is determined to avenge his sister's death and prove his worth to his uncle.When I first finished First Kill, I initially rated the book one star lower than the final five-star rating I gave it. Why the bump? Because I realized that not only did the book stay with me for days, but that Brewer had managed to make me -- someone who has read the Vlad Todd Chronicles in their entirety -- root for the other side. She makes Joss such a believable character and gives him such depth that you find yourself rooting against the same vampires you already know and love from her previous series set in the same world.I first brought this ARC home from Comic-Con last year for my daughter, who is one of Vlad's biggest fans, and she read it and re-read it for weeks, to the point where I asked if she was ever going to stop reading it. She kept saying "You don't understand. It messes with your head." Now that I've read it, I completely understand. Brewer manages, with one book, to divide loyalties of even the most avid Vlad Todd fan. And that is amazing.

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