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Eleventh Grade Burns (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series #4)

Eleventh Grade Burns - Heather Brewer I should probably be embarrassed that Heather Brewer's Eleventh Grade Burns was the third of these books I read in a single day back in August, and yet I'm not. Deliciously addictive, I'm happier my daughter is one of her "Auntie Heather's Minions" than a Twihard, and if she had to choose a vampire series to get addicted to, I'm very happy it's this one.::: The Plot :::In Eleventh Grade Burns, our hero, half-vampire teen Vladimir Tod, is back at Bathory High for his junior year, and it promises to suck just as much as the previous three years have for him. For starters, his former best friend (and actual best friend, Henry's cousin) and current vampire slayer Joss is back, and Joss is carrying a big stake with Vlad's name on it. Add in a new, super-creepy vampire, Dorian, who wants to drink Vlad's blood because he's a "collector" of sorts, and a vampire "born" and not created is something truly rare. And last, but certainly not least, Vlad's enemy D'Ablo, who wants Vlad tried and convicted by the vampire society for several crimes, including severing his hand.All the while, Vlad is supposed to be doing his homework like any normal teenager, learning about vampire culture from his uncle Otis' friend Vikas, and hopefully dating, although he's not sure feeding from his new human drudge Snow is something he should be doing, especially when he promised himself he'd never feed from humans.::: We

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