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Ninth Grade Slays (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series #2)

Ninth Grade Slays - Heather Brewer My daughter is one of Heather Brewer's loyal Minion Horde, and has been pressuring me to read these books since she first got hooked. The first book in the series wasn't enough to draw me in, and I dragged my feet on starting Ninth Grade Slays as a result.However, it's with the second book that the series really gets going. Vlad, now a freshman in high school, is still the unpopular kid at school, with a popular best friend (and drudge) Henry by his side. However, Henry's cousin Joss has moved to Bathory (and yes, Buffy fans, Joss is a tribute to the Whedonverse) and Vlad finds a new friend who's more his speed in the social outcast sector. Joss often pops up to save Vlad from the usual school bullying he faces, is finally someone Vlad can beat at video games, and seems like he'll be a second best friend.However, Joss has secrets of his own, and on top of that, Vlad's troubles with the vampire world of Elysia and his unique status as a half-human/half-vampire aren't over yet, and he once again finds himself at the mercy of foes who'd prefer to see him dead. Well, all the way dead. After reading Ninth Grade Slays, I can see why Sissy is so hooked, and I tore through the next two books in the series over the weekend. Now if I can just find the last one in the series...

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