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Summer Nights (Fool's Gold Series #8)

Summer Nights - Susan Mallery Horse breeder Shane Stryker's first impression of librarian Annabelle Weiss is that she's an attention-seeker: just like his ex-wife. But when she shows up at his temporary ranch for riding lessons, he finds himself drawn to her. Annabelle is likewise attracted, but after the disaster of her first marriage, she's not willing to take a chance to someone who isn't willing to go for it all when it comes to relationships. Their relationship takes off in fits and starts, but the true test will be whether or not Shane can believe Annabelle really does prefer a drama-free life, and Annabelle can convince him that the few things that crop up after they meet really are out of the ordinary for her.This is the premise of Susan Mallery's Summer Nights, the eighth book in her Fool's Gold series. The romance between Shane and Annabelle is sweet, and the love scenes are spicy, but the mere fact of this being the eighth book in a continuing series clutters the book too much. There are recurring characters from seven previous books to catch up with, as well as set-ups going on for future books, and while it may be nice for fans of the series to catch up with their favorite characters from earlier, it leaves little room to focus on the couple we're supposed to be focused on, and will confuse any reader coming in for the first time at book eight.I received this book from NetGalley for review.

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