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The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy - Vicki Iovine When I first found out that I was pregnant, I ran right out and bought myself a copy of What to Expect When You Are Expecting ("WTE"). By the end of my third month, I had pitched it into the corner of my bedroom in terror (come to think of it, I never did find that book when we moved...) and ran out and got The Girlfriends' Guide based on the recommendations of the women I had met at I'm so glad I did.Unlike most pregnancy books that you will find, Vicki Iovine comes to you with the style that is exactly what the title describes: it's just like a Girlfriend talking to you on the phone. In all my 29 years as a woman, only one friend ever told me what pregnancy was really like, and I had forgotten most of what she said! Vicki and her cast of Girlfriends are upfront and honest about everything from hemorrhoids to incontinence. Who knew that there was so much no one shared?Narrated in a light-hearted tone, Vicki (and I call her that because I'm a Girlfriend now) seems to be whispering over a table at lunch in a conspiratorial, gossipy tone. From encouraging you to lie to your husband about when the ban on sexual relations is over to encouraging you to take advantage of your husband's amazement at the ordeal of childbirth, you really feel like you have your best friend with you while you are pregnant.There were many a day when I was scared of some new pregnancy development. Rather than consult the gloom and doom of WTE, which had me convinced from the get-go that I was doing it all wrong, I checked in with Vicki, who reassured me that what was happening happened to a LOT of pregnant women. I wouldn't recommend not calling your doctor if you have a real concern, but on subjects like what a hemorrhoid feels like, it's a lot less embarrassing having Vicki share than calling your doctor to ask.Needless to say, I was so thrilled to have my new Girlfriend that I went out and got Vicki's book about baby's first year. And I'm hoping someone gets me the toddler book for Christmas. Now if she will just write one about pre-teens and teenagers, I'll be able to face the rest of this job as a parent. I'm looking forward to a Girlfriends Guide to Your Daughter Dating. Maybe my husband will even read it.This review originally published on Epinions:

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