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It's like second breakfast. Only with books.
Paranormalcy  - Kiersten White On paper, Kiersten White's Paranormalcy is a book I should hate. It has all sorts of paranormal creatures, from different types of wereanimals beyond werewolves to mermaids to faeries to vampires. And the heroine, Evie, loves pink and sparkly things and a television show that sounds a bit like it belongs on the CW.However, White's story, of an orphaned girl with the ability to see beyond the human-like glamours of paranormal creatures working for a government-type agency, is appealing on its voice alone: It's written like it was actually written for teenagers, and not the crossover audience of adults most young adult fiction seems like it's being written for these days.Evie lives in a bunker sort of set-up, working for an agency that "bags and tags" paranormal creatures, supposedly protecting humans from them. When a type of creature none of them has ever seen before breaks in, Evie manages to discover and capture him. That he's a teen boy and believes the organization Evie works for is corrupt is part of his bad-boy charm, and Evie needs to find out what he knows about the rash of murders of paranormal creatures. If she discovers more about herself in the process, she didn't expect it.White's voice is engaging, and while my daughter initially showed no interest in these books when I first brought them home to her after seeing White at last year's Comic-Con, she became a fan after reading them. Evie thinks like a teenager. She isn't preternaturally mature or pondering the meaning of life or coming up with a cure for cancer. She just wants to be normal and have a locker and maybe a boyfriend, and if the cute boy she captured is the only one she can talk to, well, at least they have a relationship that develops on a normal timetable and doesn't involve proclamations of love after an hour.

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