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Making Waves - Tawna Fenske Tawna Fenske's debut romance, Making Waves, requires a suspension of disbelief. Water-fearing thirty-something Juli Flynn is tasked with taking her late uncle-mobster's ashes out to a tropical sea locale for distribution after his death. While waiting for her ship to depart, she runs into unemployed shipping executive Alex Bradshaw, who has concocted a scheme with some of his former co-workers to get some of their stolen retirement savings back. In a series of madcap (and extremely unlikely) events, Juli and Alex meet, nearly hookup and end up on the same boat together, with Juli joining Alex and Co.'s scheme to steal back from the boss who fired them unfairly.While all disbelief has to be left a the door for this book, Fenske's witty writing more than makes up for the unbelievable plot. The romance between Alex and Flynn is believable, and the hysterically funny crew Alex has saddled himself with -- starting with former football player turned gourmet chef Cookie -- only add to the fun of this debut. You'll find yourself rooting for the success of the impossible mission, even as obstacle after obstacle pops up to block the way, and if Alex and Juli fall in love in the process, then all the better. If this is Fenske comes up with for a debut, I'm looking forward to what's next.

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