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Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward Yes, another J.R. Ward book down, and eleventy thousand to go before I can quit this addictive series.::: The Plot :::Zsadist is a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB), a warrior with a reputation for killing women he has sex with, mutilating the corpses of the vampire slayers known as lessers, and being about the most antisocial vampire out there.Bella is a member of the vampire aristocracy. Inexplicably drawn to the former blood slave Zsadist instead of his celibate twin, Phury, he spurns her attentions until she's captured by the lessers and held. Assumed by her family to be dead, only the Brotherhood continues to search for her, and they are her only chance of survival. Even if she is saved, will Zsadist ever be able to overcome his past and return her feelings?::: Smutty, Smutty, Smut, Smut :::The BDB books are vampire romance novels, and, as such, you know that they are going to come with a certain level of sexy times. Lover Awakened has the most graphic smut to date, including flashback scenes of Zsadist's abuse during his 100 years as a blood slave, as well as the first example of a female vampire's "needing" which is pretty animalistic. If you've ever had a cat in heat, you get the idea here.As such, Lover Awakened isn't for the faint of heart. It's here, in book three of the series, that we learn how Phury lost his leg, as well as how Zsadist was turned into the apparent sociopath that he's been depicted as in the previous two books.Still, Ward manages to make him a believable character, and once again, I found myself sucked in. I know it's a romance and will have a happy ending, but I still kept turning the pages to see what was coming next.However, the parts of the book that show the lesser side got extremely confusing in Lover Awakened. It's hard to tell if Ward flipped her own canon or if the plot was just supposed to be confusing all along, but several changes in Fore-lesser (head honcho in the earthly realm) with them apparently coming back from the "dead" left me confused as to what was actually going on. I may figure that part out as the series progresses, but it was frustrating flipping back in an attempt to determine who was in charge and why.I can complain ad nauseum about the prolific typographical errors, the annoyance of adding extra letters to common words to make them seem exotic, and the schlocky dialogue in the sex scenes, but it's obvious that these books are like potato chips I just can't put down.This review was published previously on Epinions:

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